Dissociation brought on by Early Childhood Trauma

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  2 comments for “Dissociation brought on by Early Childhood Trauma

  1. sonja Maloney
    April 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Hi I just wanted to add a few thoughts about dissociation that might someone else dealing with this stuff. There is so much info out there but a lot of it is repetitive and not helpful. I think one of the main reason people start to realized they have had trauma is when they reach their adult years and can no longer distract themselves with the daily stuff. Once you are an adult , raised a family , worked for years and then all that changes( kids do grow up and that role stops , work changes or stops etc) the garbage starts to come up and you are floored by it . Many people who disconnected as preschoolers don’t even have an awareness that they shut off. At 56 years of age , I am now dealing what how to adult , how to reconnect my head to my body ,how to rewire everything I knew about myself and the world and this has been on going for years .When you leave your head and stop living with just thoughts and start to get messages from your body and have to interpret those messages , you are in a tornado of confusion. You may have checked out during trauma but your body remembers each slap , scream , assault etc and will play it all back to you. It only goes away when you go through it. Thanks for listening. SONJA

  2. Sally goodchild
    July 9, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    I went tomy psychologist yesterday,continued work is going on. So my life has exploded with new memmories, dissacociation and yesterday i pulled my car into a car park because i wasnt in control of my car. So i wandered around a hardwhare store and then went out to find my car, im sure i walked past it. So sick and tired of this. Im a mental health councillor i can talk the talk with patients but im not walking the walk. Shame,feeling like the somatic feelings are consuming me,flashbacks and yes i knocked a glass of water over my lap top when i dissacociated and when i was alert i just shut the lap top down and walked away. I feel like everything in my life is on attack,being oversensitive with comments.

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