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Welcome to Trauma Recovery University! Thank you so much for taking the time to view our website. We hope it encourages you, validates you, and reminds you that you are never alone in your recovery journey. If you have questions, we welcome them. Please do check our FAQ section before messaging us, as we want to be sure your questions all get answered in a timely manner. Again, you may access our FAQ page right here.

Don’t forget to access our library of FREE downloadable resources by clicking here or at the top of the page under the Downloadables section on the menu.

Remember, every Monday at 6pm PST/ 9pm we have our LIVE video Q&A with Athena Moberg and Bobbi Parish. Each week we cover a different topic which is relevant to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We hope you will join us and interact either in the YouTube chat box or via our Twitter Feed at #NoMoreShame.



You can use the search box on our site or visit our YouTube channel for other videos available to you FREE, anytime!

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